Vertical404 Capital

Investing in the Future of Work, Health, Finance, and Media

Vertical404 Capital is a pre-seed stage venture capital firm investing in early stage Black, Latinx, and Women founders who are redesigning & advancing the Future of Work, Health, Finance, and Media.

We strive to be the first institutional investor in our portfolio companies, offering check sizes between $50k-$250k. 

We are here to be a valued asset to our portfolio companies and provide more than first money in, we help navigate our founders through the process of growth and the need for Series A funding.

Ares of Interest >>

  • Finance (Digital B2B & B2C Financial Services)
  • Health (Digital Health & Medtech Services, no devices)
  • Media 
  • Future of Work 

Company Criteria >>

Companies are best positioned to receive backing from Vertical404 Capital by meeting the following criteria:

  • Have a Black, Latinx, or Female founder and/or CEO
  • Agree to our Diversity Hiring Commitment 
  • Geographically located in U.S. 
  • Must have C-Corp Status
  • Product launched and in-market with early traction
  • At least 3-months of MRR of $5K or active B2B/B2C Paid Pilot.

Driven & Coachable Founders

We target founders who are driven by the pursuit of creating change. Co-founders who have a deep knowledge of the existing problem and how it can be solved.

Market Validation

We look for ideas that fit in their defined market and have the potential for massive growth.

Product Differentiation

We target companies that offer a product or service offering that can be distinctly differentiated in the market.

Brand Differentiation

We value companies with a defined and unique narrative. A brand presence that clearly communicates the problem you're solving & why it matters to those inside & outside of your company.