What is your investment focus?

We invest in Black, Latinx, and Women-led companies that are building cloud-based technologies to advance the future of work, health, finance, and media.

How big is your fund?

Fund I is $30M

What stage do you invest in? Do you lead rounds?

We lead and co-invest at the pre-seed stage. (We also co-invest in the Seed rounds of existing portfolio companies.)

Where do you invest?

We are based in Atlanta, Georgia but we are geo-agnostic in terms of where we invest. We actively back startups across the US and Canada.

Do you invest in part-time founders?

No. Although we invest in early-stage founders, we do require that founders are working full-time with the business.

How long do you take to decide?

In most cases, founders can expect a response from us within 48 hours after our investment call.

Are you an opportunity fund?

We are not an opportunity fund. We do have a diversity focus but we invest in companies based on a startup’s business model/unit economics and the character of the founders who lead these companies. 

Do you operate and invest via an accelerator?

No, we do not operate an external accelerator program, but we do work hands-on with our portfolio company founders. Our in-house programming is designed to help build, nurture, and grow the operational insight of our founders as they navigate scale.