Investing in founders rethinking the way we live, work & play

We invest in early-stage Black, Latinx, and Women founders using cloud-based technology to advance the Future of Work, Health, Finance, and Media

Committed to the Early-Stage

Vertical404 is an Atlanta-based venture capital firm committed to backing early-stage Black, Latinx and Women founders who are advancing the way we live, work, and play.

We believe that technology, along with the diverse perspectives of its creators, will be the driving force behind the success of future economies — and we are committed to guiding early-stage founders along the path of building high-growth tech companies from Pre-Seed to Series A.

Our Heads Are In The Cloud

The way we work, live, and play is rapidly changing, and the need to establish the future of our societal infrastructures in the cloud has never been more apparent.

The next generation of cloud-based companies will set the tone for economic infrastructure and collaboration over the next decade — defining new workflows, standardizing best practices, and stabilizing economic globalization.

It is these beliefs that guide our investment focus on Cloud-Based companies advancing the future of work, health, finance, and media.

For Founders, By Founders

As operators ourselves, we understand that building a startup is not easy. Creating a solution to a problem is one thing, but what about the other 1,000 tasks required to take your company from startup to growth company? We are here to help guide that process.

We are heavily committed to providing resources that not only support the growth of the company but the personal development and wellness of its founders. We are much more than check, we actively roll up our sleeves and build alongside our portfolio companies.

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